Sales Training – Creating a team you want to be a part of.

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June 16, 2014
Sales Training – Creating a team you want to be a part of.

Hi and welcome back to my blog.

As I mentioned in my blog last week, I have been working with a new client (Avnet Technology Solutions) and their business partners, focussing on developing their sales enablement capabilities. It is fantastic to see companies work together so in synergy, supporting each other, encouraging each other and creating a team you want to be a part of. That is the theme of my blog this week.

I am sure we have all experienced an environment or work culture where we have felt encouraged or supported, and we want to exceed expectations. We strive to do our best. Equally, I am sure we have all experienced an environment or work culture where we have felt put down, unloved, unwanted, misunderstood and we don’t feel like part of a team. We just turn up to work for the money.

The first environment is referred to as The Galatea Effect (named after the Greek statue, brought to life by it’s adoring creator) or The Power of Self Expectations. This is where the environment allows us to create higher expectations of us than we have for ourselves, and we then step up to the mark and fulfil those expectations.

at1This is inculcated or engendered by many things: the company culture, your life experiences, your education, your family support, your relationships with co-workers, your manager and the training/coaching and mentoring you receive.

The flip side of this is what is referred to as The Pygmalion Effect or The Self Fulfilling Prophesy. This is the environment where we are shunned, put down, discouraged or not supported. The impact can be almost as powerful – but in the opposite direction. We dumb down to the low expectations people have of us! We convince ourselves we can’t do anything.

The put down can be a simple as a raised eyebrow or an entrenched process of the company, team or environment we work in.

I have seen the power of the Galatea Effect in trumps over the last two weeks with the work I have done with Avnet and their business partners. This is what prompted me on the subject of this week’s blog. Avnet’s approach has been to invest in their partners and employees by providing sales enablement training for them. Judging by the response to the workshops, I am confident that the return on investment will be massive. I am equally confident that Avnet’s partners will continue to reinforce this behaviour in their respective organisations.

at2The bottom line on this is that as a human being you need to feel confident, committed, and appreciated to realise your ultimate potential. Your training is a critical element of this. If you have been fortunate enough to have had that support in the past, pay it forward, provide support and encouragement to the least confident sales person in your team (or a friend, a family member or a complete stranger).

Which culture do you prefer? Which approach do you think has the biggest impact? What are your thoughts on this – I’d like to here from you. Tell me your personal experience.

Oh, and I almost forgot – if you are watching the World Cup in Brazil this month – may your team get up and win! Go Socceroos!

Til’ the next time…. Andrew

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