Indiana secretary of say speaks election security, redistricting

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October 14, 2021

For nearly five days, Holli Sullivan is providing as Indiana’s 62nd assistant of county.

Back March, Sullivan changed past Indiana assistant of say Connie Lawson exactly who reconciled through the place after nine age.

Sullivan is incorporated in the heart of a statewide being attentive trip through all 92 areas in Indiana and sat all the way down for a job interview by using the Times-Mail earlier this week.

Since assistant of condition, Sullivan serves as Indiana’s chief election policeman.

Sullivan took note which paying attention journey should make use of the simple fact that there are not any elections this coming year and talk to regional selection authorities in Indiana’s counties.

“I do think one of the largest roles i’ve is always to enlarge voter poise since secretary of condition,” Sullivan explained. “a proven way we intend to create which to be effective way more in cooperation with our nearby selection representatives because we have this runway in 2021 to do that ahead of the upcoming selection in 2022.”

Working for neighborhood elections officials, Sullivan observed, should help manage security and clearness later on elections.

“(Indiana’s) elections procedures is secure, it is actually translucent and is planning to stay as planned,” Sullivan stated.

She continued to say that there are certain “precautions” ready to help you secure the ballots of Hoosiers in the state.

“in order to have got self-confidence that whenever these people vote, their own vote is counted and measured accurately and rapidly,” Sullivan claimed.

Some of those guards that Sullivan mentioned include voter I.D. legislation, voter list repair, voting unit certification and post-election audits.


Not too long ago, leadership from inside the Indiana Essential system happen hosting conferences throughout the state to minder allow Hoosiers to sign up when you look at the redistricting techniques for seat in the usa quarters of agents, Indiana Senate and Indiana House of Representatives.

With redistricting info likely to end up being launched through U.S. Census agency right, the effort will quickly get into highest kit to ensure that maps can be drawn in moment for prospects organizing for that 2022 elections.

Sullivan took note that the maps is expected to be approved during the early fall season because of the Indiana regular Assembly and then the procedures are going to be finalized by Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb.

When signed by Holcomb, the assistant of condition’s office will serve as a passage regarding the know-how to nearby election workplaces.

“we are accountable for posting those unique lines,” Sullivan explained. “We are doing program once we are going to supplying our nearby selection authorities so that it makes that cross over from the older lines for the new pipes less difficult.”

Different elements of job

Although many customers may take into account Sullivan’s role because say’s main elections officer as the finest task, work relates to a diverse workload.

Other parts within Sullivan’s company through the sales services unit, automotive dealership service division, securities section and signature and notary subscription.

The assistant of condition’s company runs the IN|BIZ site, which happens to be just where businesses start in Indiana, Sullivan noted.

“through the IN|BIZ webpage, we wish to streamline certifications for minority-, women- and veteran-owned corporations,” Sullivan believed. “That is definitely a leading top priority, to ensure we will allow come alongside those enterprises and permit these to have a streamlined steps so they can immediately start making an impression as part of the area.”

For the automotive dealer services section, Sullivan stated the top priority for the assistant of say’s workplace is being a passage interaction between the processing industry and car dealerships over the status.

At the office’s securities section, white collar crime in say are investigated.

Sullivan said the lady company is working to protect Hoosiers from financial fraudulence while increasing financial literacy by the investments unit “so that you can easily shield Hoosiers by developing a customs of real information around economic literacy across the county of Indiana.”

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