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Andrew Treharne!  

Andrew is a successful sales director and accomplished sales enablement professional consultant. He specialises in “Keeping Sales Real”. His grounded and thorough approach has helped many companies stay focused on developing winning strategies to increase their win odds, reduce their sales cycle and drive value for their customers.

He specialises in training and coaching sales and marketing teams, developing sales, marketing and channels strategies, facilitating and accelerating critical business opportunities and strategic account/ territory plans. He works primarily with B2B organisations in high tech industries or in complex selling environments with direct and outbound telesales teams.  He advocates and employs face-to-face, telephone and social media sales strategies for achieving the biggest impact.

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Sales Training

salesT_toggleDoes Sales Training Matter?
Research conducted by the Aberdeen Group in two recent studies:
  • Sales Performance Management: Getting Everyone On the Same Page (August, 2010)
  • Sales Training: Deploying Knowledge, Process and Technology to Consistently Hit Quota (September 2010), showed a strong correlation between the impact of Sales Training and the impact on the attainment of sales targets (quota)
  • Studies revealed that the Best-in-Class firm’s sellers carried 48% larger annual sales’ quotas (vs. Laggards)
Are you training your sales teams like Best-in-Class companies?
  • 79% of Best-in-Class sellers have participated in formal sales training within the past 12 months.
  • 63% of Best-in-Class companies offer formal structured sales programs.
  • 51% of companies rely on internal trainers or subject matter experts; 48% use external providers.
  • Best-in-Class companies are 14% more likely than other firms to consider sales training ‘absolutely vital’ or ‘integral to our success’.
  • (Source: Aberdeen Group. Reaching Sales Quota More Consistently: Best Practices Adopted by the TAS Group Customers. (October 2010))

Do you want your sales team to perform like a Best-in-Class Company or be just another statistic?

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Bespoke/Tailor Made Sales Training

Some facts about Sales Training:
  • The 2012 ASTD Research report “The State of Sales Training, 2012”, Vol. 4, No. 4, February 2013, said that 94% of sales training helps sales people do their job better. It also said that half of the respondents surveyed felt that 50% or less of the training they received was relevant to their job!
  • The ES Research group estimates that 20 – 33% of salespeople do not have the capabilities to be successful at their jobs.
  • A 2004 Huthwaite study published in the American Society for Training & Development Journal, stated that 87% of training is lost within 30 days without on-the-job reinforcement.
  • The Aberdeen Group research Sales Performance Management: Getting Everyone On the Same Page (August, 2010), states that 64% of the Best- in-Class companies deployed externally- provided sales training, compared with 40% of Industry Average and 35% of Laggard firms.
So, if sales training helped 94% of sellers do their job better and that half of them felt that less then half of the training they received was relevant, or 87% is lost within 30 days, it means that sales training programs need to be tailored or targeted specifically for sales team's needs.
Tailored or bespoke training programs need to include:
  • support and focus from the executive;
  • an analysis of the skills gaps;
  • formal training,
  • on-the-job practical experience (‘reinforcement) and coaching, and;
  • be ‘spaced’ over a period of time (vs. a once off event).
  • Andrew is an experienced sales trainer with many years experience in, developing and delivering training in the leading methodologies in the market place. He can tailor a one to three day workshop for your sales team or deliver your company’s ‘in-house’ material.

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B2B Outbound Telephone Sales Training

How effective is Telemarketing as a lead generation and nurturing technique for B2B companies?

In May 2011, B2B Marketing Magazine, in their report “Lead Generation & Nurturing Benchmarking Report”, described

Telemarketing as the most effective technique for lead qualification.

Many companies use this technique in their lead generation arsenal today.

Does your organization use outbound telemarketing to generate new business or nurture leads?

If your organization is one of the many companies that uses outbound telemarketing, how do you train your experienced or new sellers to improve their craft. Andrew has had extensive experience in training telephone sale professionals for IBM. COM and IBM’s Smart Cloud Enterprise sales teams, Symantec, Trend Micro. Andrew offers a comprehensive B2B Out Bound Telephone Selling Course that teaches your sellers to deliver outstanding sales results.
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Territory Planning

Do your sales professionals carry large quotas? Do you provide them with the skills and tools to help them develop professional Territory Plans and Strategies?

Most new sellers are not provided with the skills, training or support they need to develop their territory plans or strategies. They are given large quotas and underdeveloped territories and expected to overachieve.

Most sales managers have been brought up through the same school of hard knocks and unable or don’t have the time to show their sellers how to develop territory plans.

Most sellers are thrown in the deep end an expected to swim. Tragically the same sales managers who lead these sellers, rely on them to make their team quota.

If your team falls into the same category, what is your plan to break out of this vicious cycle?

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Key Account Planning

strategic1Does your company use a Sales Management process for your sales team?

In 2010, Accenture in collaboration with the leading research and benchmarking firm CSO Insights surveyed Chief Sales Officers (CSO’s) in over 2,800 companies worldwide. Their findings with regard to Sales Process, methodology and training found that over 56% of companies used ‘Random’ or ‘Informal’ sales processes to manage their sales opportunities.

More disturbing was the fact that only 26% of the firms surveyed, reported a greater than 76% adoption rate of these processes!

Why do account planning?
Sales people often ask why they need to do account planning. They protest that that no one reads them and that the plans don’t make a difference. Unless account planning is implemented with a focus on the customer’s business and as part of a more structured sales process within the organization, they my be right. Best practice account planning can:

  • Align your sales strategies with the customers corporate objectives.
  • Provide visibility and insight into your sales activities to key stakeholders in your organization.
  • Develop structure and rigour to your organisation’s sales processes
  • Build a cohesive team and win plan within your organisation.

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Strategic Opportunity Planning

What percentage of key bids does your sales team win?

“The good thing about not planning is that failure comes as a complete surprise and is not preceded by a period of worry and depression

John Preston, Boston College

“Strategic account mapping” is taught by 47% of ‘Best-in-Class’, yet only 29% and 22% of Average and Laggard firms."

Aberdeen Group, September 2011

(*) You can debate the percentages, but I am yet to meet a sales manager that is happy with their team’s win odds! Are you?

Are you losing key sales opportunities to your competitors because you didn’t have the right strategy?
The Strategic Opportunity Planning, is a one day workshop that helps your sales team identify, qualify and develop winning strategies for critical opportunities.

Are your large bids costing your company too much to respond to?
The Strategic Opportunity Planning Workshop, helps you identify when to pull out or whether to persist with the campaign.

Do you want to increase your win odds and shorten your sales cycle for key opportunities?
Working with the key stakeholders in the sales team, The Strategic Opportunity Planning Workshop, can increase your win odds and reduce your sales cycle, by developing sales strategies that enable you to beat your competition and win the business.

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How much coaching should you do with your sales team?

Studies conducted by the Sales Executive Council on the impact of coaching on sales professionals, shows that with between 3 to 5 hours per month of coaching, teams outperform their counterparts, who receive no coaching by over 25% and over achieve their quota by between 107% to 120% each year.

Don’t have time to coach your sales team or not sure about what or how to coach them?

Andrew offers ‘off-the-shelf’ one-on-one or team coaching workshops or can ‘tailor’ programs for your organization. He covers a range of programs around selling skills, telephone selling, telephone etiquette, handling objections, closing the sale, qualifying, social selling techniques and similar.

Are you new to Sales Management?

As an accomplished Sales Manager, Andrew can also coach and mentor you to develop the skills to be an effective Sales Manager and build leading sales teams.

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Sales Clinics


The Online Oxford Dictionary defines a ‘Clinic’ as: "A conference or short course on a particular subject".

A Sales Clinic is about practicing the theory one learns in class or on the job. The sales clinic approach offers sales managers and sales professionals the opportunity of applying one’s skills to their trade or developing their ‘selling bedside manner’.

Andrew offers a range of ‘Off-the-Shelf ‘ half day or full day sales clinics covering a range of topics including selling techniques, social media sales, presentation skills and telephone etiquette. He also develops ‘Tailored’ programs for your team or your business partners.

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Presentation Skills


Do your sale people need to make presentation to their customers or in front of large groups of people? Have they received any training to do it?

Most sales people are brought on board and then sent out in front of their customers without having had the necessary skills training in making presentations. A little bit of training can go a long way to improving their skills and increasing their confidence.

Do you train your sales and technical professionals on new products? Do you provide professional selling skills training for your sales?

If the answer to the questions above are ‘No’ – Why Not? This is a critical skill to their success in selling

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An Introduction to B2B Social Media Selling Strategies

The B2B community is still skeptical about the value and ROI of Social Media as part of their lead generation and sales strategy.

Recent surveys done by Gartner, Harvard Business Review and other research organisations suggest that between 60% and 80% of buying decisions begin without the involvement of sales people.

At a May 2012 Gartner symposium, over 500 IT and marketing managers in the US and Europe identified Social Media as the highest priority for their companies marketing investment plans (72% increase in the next 12 months).

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 3.14.48 PM

What is your Social Media strategy for B2B Sales strategy? If you are thinking about starting a social media campaign for your B2B lead generation this course could be for you.

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